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Our team at House of Workouts consists of a large group of specialists, from physiotherapists to club managers. We all have one shared passion: group fitness programs.

Together we are always developing new ways to make group fitness programs even more successful. From the best movements and exercises to the right music, from our communications with members to appropriate marketing.

At House of Workouts we want you, as a fitness entrepreneur, to become and most importantly stay successful with the help of our group fitness programs.

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fitness programs

House of Workouts gets thousands of people moving every week through our programs with fun, quality and results

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schooling instructors

at House of Workouts we offer courses to make sure you’ll have the best instructors imaginable

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white label

We create (pre-choreo) programs which are fitting and suitable for your business and target audience. Exclusively for you.

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A pre choreo fitness program in which you will burn 33% more calories by using our original XCO®-trainers


The only workout in which you will burn calories as well as building muscle with our XCO®-trainer


Nothing as energetic as a solid workout. LXR® is no magic potion, but an elixer of traditional hard work, mixed with a little bit of luxury.
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