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As a personal trainer, group lesson instructor, freelance trainer and sports fan, you can join our HOW family. From House of Workouts we offer various courses to become a group lesson instructor. After completing one of our courses, you will know how to give pre-choreo group lessons and you will also be affiliated with the most fun sports family in the Netherlands. With more than 500 affiliated clubs in the Netherlands, you can always get started somewhere with giving energetic group lessons.

The best of giving group lessons

At the courses of House of Workouts you learn to teach a pre-choreo program. This means that the music and movements have already been thought out for you, so all you have to do is memorize them. The biggest advantage of teaching a pre-choreo program is of course that you can focus optimally on the enthusiasm and fun factor during your lesson. This makes giving group lessons personal and allows you to build up a bond between you and your participants.

Are you curious about the pre-choreo classes that we offer at House of Workouts? Then click below.

For the beginner and advanced trainer

Anyone can start with a House of Workouts training. As an experienced group instructor you can immediately start with a Program training from XCORE® , LXR® or BRN®. Do you want to start giving group lessons? Then you first start with the HOW Academy – Becoming an Instructor training. During this training we teach you to become a pre-choreo instructor, so that you are ready to follow a Program training of your choice.

Are you unsure which pre-choreo program suits you best? We are happy to help you on your way!

Want to become an instructor as a beginner?

Read Annebelle’s story here, a participant of the HOW Academy who has proven herself as an instructor with 0 previous experience.

Since I’ve been teaching the XCORE classes at my sports club, I’ve gotten to know the members a lot better. During the lessons I can give personal attention to the members, and I notice that they also come back to my lessons faster. I really enjoy standing in front of the group while also being a part of the group.


XCORE instructor

As a freelancer it is sometimes lonely in the sports world. Since I joined the HOW family that is no longer the case! Through the academy, the quarterly days and other events of HOW I have met many other instructors and I can easily connect with all affiliated sports clubs.


LXR instructor

I always took the XCORE classes at my sports club with great enthusiasm, but I didn’t always have the motivation to go myself. Since becoming an instructor, I earn extra and train for myself as well. A real win-win situation.


XCORE en BRN instructor

The HOW Academy

HOW Academy – Become an instructor

Duration: 2 days

If you want to become a pre-choreo instructor, you first start with two days at the HOW Academy. During these first two days you will learn the basics of teaching: counting music, giving directions, hospitality and presentation techniques: everything you need to be able to teach in a pre-choreo program of your choice.

Program training

Duration: 2 days

If you want to become an XCORE®, LXR®, or BRN® instructor, you follow this program course.

During the program training you start with one of the three pre-choreo courses that we offer at House of Workouts. In two days, we dive into the depths of the lesson you will be teaching. You will learn how to use the XCO trainer or sandbag, what you can do with it and how to perform the techniques correctly based on the latest choreography.

After passing the exam you can start working as a HOW instructor at one of our affiliated clubs.

HOW Academy – Instructor next level

Duration: 1 day

You have been teaching the group as an instructor in a pre-choreo program of your choice for a few weeks now. You’ve mastered your basics and it’s time to give your lesson that extra WOW-factor.

During the closing day of the HOW AcademyBecoming an Instructor, you will learn the latest tips and tricks to ensure that your participants experience a true experience during the lesson.

You are ready to rock!

Invest in yourself

Costs for HOW Academy – Becoming an Instructor

Total duration: 3 days

The costs to become a pre-choreo instructor are €299,- incl. VAT for the two course days including HOW Academy – Instructor next level.

If you come from the HOW Academy – Become an Instructor If you also choose to become an instructor in one of our pre-choreo programs, you only pay €99 for this. Of course you can also choose to become an instructor in another pre-choreo program. Even then we are happy to help you on your way to get the best out of yourself and your lesson!

You can pay the €299,- in one go or pay in 2 installments.

Costs for the Program training

Total duration: 2 days

Do you want to become an XCORE®, BRN® or LXR® instructor? Then you follow our Program training. The investment for this training is €199,- for two days. If you follow or have followed the HOW Academy – Becoming an Instructorin the past, you will receive a discount and you only pay €99,-.

Invest in yourself

By giving a lesson twice a week, you will have earned back your investment after an average of 5 weeks. You can put the returns from teaching directly back into the investment you have made in yourself.


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