We are House of Workouts.
Making successful fitness programs is what we do. 

Our team at House of Workouts consists of a large group of specialists, from physiotherapists to club managers. We all have one shared passion: group fitness programs.

Together we are always developing new ways to make group fitness programs even more successful. From the best movements and exercises to the right music, from our communications with members to appropriate marketing. 

At House of Workouts we want you, as a fitness entrepreneur, to become and most importantly stay successful with the help of our group fitness programs.  


We believe that a successful fitness program consists not only of good exercises, fitting music and great marketing. The instructor teaching the class is one of the features which will make your program successful. That’s why at House of Workouts we offer courses to make sure you’ll have the best instructors imaginable. These courses cover all of the aspects of teaching and training, such as motivating, correcting, counting, coaching and to make the workout as much fun as possible.


House of Workouts gets thousands of people moving every week through our programs with fun, quality and results. 


The ultimate core training using the XCO®-Trainer to give your muscles that extra boost. XCORE® is the only core workout in which you train cardiovascular as well. During the training you will burn a lot of calories by doing simple exercises, matching perfectly with the energetic music of the workout, which will help you stay motivated.

The XCO®-trainer is filled with grit. This grit has to move from side to side, which creates the so called reactive impact. Your body has to work harder to keep balance which ensures a stronger core and burning more calories.


BRN® is the ultimate shape workout. With the help of the XCO®-trainers you will burn 33% more calories than other shaping workouts.

An effective, accessible and especially motivating group exercise class in which you work on all the elements for a fit, strong and beautiful body. This is the workout where you will burn calories efficiently and will bring your whole body into shape. Cardio, gaining muscles and shaping, all in one!


Normally not a big fan of indoor bike lessons? But are you always in for a party or festival? Then this is the workout for you! SclptCycle® (pronounce: sculpt cycle) is a shape lesson. With the use of Sclpt®-tubes (XCO®-tubes) to train your upper body and core, a bike to shape your legs and glutes, in combination with good beats result in a fun and energetic party.

In this 45-minute workout you demand the maximum of your endurance, leg muscles and your upper body, SculptCycle® is therefore also seen as an optimal killer workout to party music.

LXR® Shape

LXR® Shape is the new way to do functional strength training. A full body workout, in just 45 minutes. In this workout you are shaping, training and toning your entire body together with the LXR® Shape sandbag, which makes the workout different than other workouts. 

LXR® Shape is the only training which combines functional strength training with mobility. This is what makes LXR® Shape a unique, high-end training. 


House of Workouts also develops white label programs for fitness chains. Together we will take a look at the needs and wishes of your customers. We will create (pre-choreo) programs which are fitting and suitable for your business and target audience. 

Are you ready to stand out of the crowd?

We won’t only be taking care of creating the best programs but the entire branding process as well. This way you will achieve nothing but success.