LXR® is the new way to do functional strength training. A full body workout, in just 30 minutes.

In this half hour you are shaping, training and toning your entire body together with the LXR® sandbag, which makes the LXR® workout different than other workouts. Cool down after your workout with LXR® mobility; mobility ensures a healthy body by stretching with a foam roll.

LXR® is the only training which combines functional strength training with mobility. This is what makes LXR® a unique, high-end training.

“Nothing as energetic as a solid workout. LXR® is no magic potion, but an elixer of traditional hard work, mixed with a little bit of luxury.”


lxr® training


During the LXR® workout we use a gym bag that challenges you to make smart use of your body and makes you feel your abs with every move you make.   Squats, lunges, presses and rotations alternate at high speed, so that the intensity remains constantly high. The challenging functional movements, combined with good music motivate you to get the most out of your workout!



LXR® focuses on large

muscle groups and doing

exercises not fast, but effective

new target audience

The new way of strength

training, from fitness to

group training


Combined with 15-minute

mobility training using

LXR® foam roll

lxr® in action

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lxr® at

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At House Of Workouts we want you to become and stay successful as a fitness-entrepreneur using our group training programs. This is only possible if it all comes together; a good introduction of the group training programs by the front desk staff, the best instructors, and the WOW feeling during the training and very enthusiastic participants that will leave your club with a smile.

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