“There’s nothing else like it. Doing cardio while training your muscles and working on your abs. It’s the best thing.”

The ultimate core training using the XCO®-trainer to give your muscles that extra boost. XCORE® is the only core workout in which you train cardiovascular as well. During the training you will burn a lot of calories by doing simple exercises, matching perfectly with the energetic music of the workout, which will help you stay motivated.


Discover the xcore® workout


The XCO®-trainer is filled with grit. This grit has to move from side to side, which creates the so called reactive impact. Your body has to work harder to keep balance which ensures a stronger core and burning more calories.


The only workout in which you

train standing core and cardio

at the same time

For everyone

The 3 different sizes of XCO-trainers

make the class accessible for



XCORE® is a successful

group exercise class in

over 600 clubs

xcore® in action

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xcore® at

your club

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At House Of Workouts we want you to become and stay successful as a fitness-entrepreneur using our group training programs. This is only possible if it all comes together; a good introduction of the group training programs by the front desk staff, the best instructors, and the WOW feeling during the training and very enthusiastic participants that will leave your club with a smile.

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