XCORE® instructor training

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Our XCORE® workout community just keeps growing. Will you be our new XCORE® instructor?

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Upcoming dates

June 27 & July 4, 2021 | 12:00 – 18:00 | FitPoint Zoetermeer | Master Trainer Joye | €199,- excl. VAT

Start Package Instructor

Curated especially for the participants of the training. A nice starter package at a great discount.

The XCO® trainer comes in a color of your choice. Order through the course registration form.

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What you will learn


About XCORE®

You’ll learn all about the XCORE® workout. All the ins and outs will be covered. What makes XCORE® so unique in its kind and how the workout is put together.


The XCO®-trainer

The XCO® trainer is an innovative training tool. We’ll tell you all about it. What the effects are and how it is created.



What is the best way to get started with XCORE®? We’d love to help you get started.



Coaching is a very important part of teaching. We made a list of the key elements of coaching: the 7 steps of coaching. We will share these with you.



An instructor must fully understand the right and safe techniques. He or she must give a good example and must be able to correct his or her participants. We will go through them all.

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Meet the instructor

“The best project you will ever work on is you!” This is the motto of Renata Jarz, CEO of House of Workouts, international fitness presenter and ultimately responsible for the programs XCORE®, BRN® and LXR®. Fitness and sports is her passion and she likes to share this with her members.

Renata has earned her stripes in the fitness world, she has been master trainer for the Les Mills programs Body Balance and Body Combat for years. She also runs a fitness centre, she is a NASM and ACE certified personal trainer and proud mother of Loic. She wants to teach you how to be in great shape despite a busy job and a family life.