HOW event retro workout broodfabriek rijswijk 2024 2 maart

It's finally here!

With pride, we announce that the BIGGEST and CRAZIEST HOW Event of the year is back! 

Get ready for a day filled with inspiring lectures, surprise workouts, shopping stalls, and international trainers presenting the latest and coolest workouts of XCORE® #77, BRN® #50, SclptCycle® #7, and LXR® Shape #30.


For HOW Instructors, this serves as your quarterly workshop! This time, you don’t sign up through the HOW App; instead, arrange it through our Ticket Shop with the personal codes sent to you via email.

Not received an email? No worries – let us know, and we’ll make sure you get it quickly, so you can promptly register for the HOW Retro Workout Festival.

Are you not a HOW Instructor but always enjoy the classes at your gym? Or have you never tried XCORE®, BRN®, SclptCycle®, or LXR® Shape and would love to get acquainted with one of our programs?

GOOD NEWS! As a consumer, you’re also warmly welcomed to the most fun party of the year. We can’t wait to have you there – it’s going to be amazing! 🎉


Around the Broodfabriek, you can park for free in the immediate vicinity (Plaspoelpolder office park). Paid parking is available in the Broodfabriek parking lot (€5 per day). Parking in parking garage P1 is always free.

At the event, your HOW app doesn’t need to be scanned. The releases will automatically be made available to you in the HOW app after the event.

You can use the Broodfabriek’s coat check. HOW is not liable for these items, so using the coat check is at your own risk.


Ticket ready!

To ensure everyone can get in as quickly as possible, please have your ticket ready upon arrival. We can scan both your digital and printed tickets.

Borrowed equipment

If you don’t have your own equipment, you can borrow materials from our loan counter for a small fee. Since we have limited materials available for borrowing, we ask everyone to bring their own equipment as much as possible and return it to us immediately after the workout for the next shift.

Be on time!

Try to be present at least 15 minutes before the start of the workout. Doors open from 07:45.

No children in the workout area

We prioritize safety. Therefore, it is not allowed to bring children into the workout area.


This is a PIN ONLY event. We are not using tokens this year.

No changing room/showers

Please note that there is no space for changing or showering.

Release posters

Instructors can also pick up the release posters here.